Retaining Walls:  

Give your garden some style with a versatile wall system.  Retaining walls serve various purposes such as: soil retention, erosion control, and flooding prevention. Moreover, walls can be implemented into your landscape as an aesthetic feature.  Pacific Breeze Landscape, offers new construction of retaining wall systems.  We carry Orco and Belgard products, but if you are looking for something more modern, we can customize your wall with El Dorado stack stone. Walls are a great way to enhance the look and value of your property.


Many benefits come from building a fence in your home.  Fences provide privacy/security, keep trespassers and unwanted animals from entering your home, and aid with containing your children and pets inside.  Fences are also a great way to help reduce noise for homes located near busy streets. Moreover, fences can give your home an attractive design.  Pacific Breeze Landscape can help design a vertical or a customized horizontal fence for your front or back yard.

Patio Covers:  

Add an elegant element to your home and extend the life of your outdoor living space by installing a patio cover. Patio covers may either have a partially opened or solid roof. Depending on the roof style you choose, patio covers could help keep out wind, rain or sunshine. Thus, patio covers are a great way to keep your house cool during hot, summer days and keep water out during rainy days.  At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we can help you design the patio cover of your choosing.

Outdoor Kitchen:

Bring the party outside by installing an outdoor kitchen to your home. An outdoor kitchen is perfect for people who love to socialize and entertain. It brings your guests outside, allowing you to cater in a larger area and allowing them to enjoy recreational activities. Besides its aesthetic and enjoyable qualities, adding an outdoor kitchen to your home could significantly increase the value of your property.  At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we work with you to conceptualize an outdoor living space that is most suitable for you.  Our designers will consult with you and lay your vision on paper.


Gather around the firepit with your family and guests. Your family and guests will love the welcoming and exciting environment that a firepit will bring to your home. Firepits are a great feature that keeps the entertainment going throughout the night while allowing you to stay comfortable. At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we offer several options and work with you to select the perfect firepit that will complement the structure of your home.  We can either customize a firepit that suits your needs or buy and install a pre-fabricated firepit that fits your budget. 


Are you interested in an antique or contemporary European look? Pavers could be added to various areas of your home, such as: driveways, walkways, patios and courtyards. Pavers offer an exceptional long-life cycle due to their supreme durability and are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing.  Make a great first impression of your home by recreating your driveway or add a stylish detail to other areas of your landscape. Pacific Breeze Landscape carries the most innovative products and we partner with ORCO Block, Belgard, Angelus, and Olsen to bring you an enhanced look.


Improve your landscape design with an eco-friendly option that requires no maintenance by installing concrete to your property. Concrete can be added to various areas of your home. Our specialized installers at Pacific Breeze Landscape, can customize a finish to meet your needs. The versatility of concrete allows us to efficiently mold it to any desired design. We can also pair it with other materials, such as pavers and pea gravel, to give your home an authentic look.

Artificial Grass: 

If you are tired of mowing, watering your lawn and having an outrageous water bill during the summer, then artificial grass may be the way to go. In fact, the state of California is currently offering rebates to homeowners who wish to install artificial grass.  Artificial grass is also another way to balance your landscape, add curve appeal and create the perfect outdoor environment for children and pets. At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we use top of the line products and offer financing through Renovate America to help our customers meet their target budget.  

Water Features:

Enhance your home’s appearance and give it a unique look by installing a water feature. Water features include fountains, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, etc. Water features provide an artistic presentation with an eye-catching appeal. Water features could help reduce outside noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home. Their texture and soothing sounds also bring a calm, natural ambiance to your home. Water features are suitable for most homes since they could be installed in either small or large spaces.  Pacific Breeze Landscape has partnered with Aquaescape to offer you inexpensive, pre-fabricated waterfalls. We also have the capability to design and customize a feature to your desire.