Plants are a remarkable addition to any landscape; besides the aesthetic appeal, they produce oxygen. Thus, creating a therapeutic atmosphere; otherwise known as Horticultural Therapy.  At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we work with our customers to select plants based on the season, the landscape design, and appeal.

Sod Installation:

Boost your recreational activities by adding a new lawn to your landscape. Adding grass to your landscape can enhance your curve appeal or back yard. Sod is also a faster alternative than planting seeds since it gives you an instant green lawn and it requires less irrigation over time, saving you money on your water bill. Pacific Breeze Landscape has partnered with Southland Farms to provide high quality grass. Fresh grass has different varieties. Inquire today to learn more.  

Low-Voltage Lighting:

Compliment your landscape and illuminate the areas you wish to display by brightening your outdoor living space with a well-designed low voltage lighting plan. Lighting is one of the features that enhances and generates the difference throughout your landscape. At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we use top of the line brass and LED fixtures with a finish that will compliment your landscape as well as, pin-point areas to make your outdoor living space stand out.

Irrigation Systems:

An Irrigation system is vital to a healthy landscape. The California Department of Water Resources established MWELO, an ordinance that enforces the use of more efficient irrigation systems. When well designed and installed, irrigation systems save you time and money. Sprinkler and Drip irrigation systems are the two most common systems. A sprinkler system is used primarily for watering lawns at a surface level and planters with risers.  Drip irrigation is a system that uses valves and emitters to slowly drip water into the soil; this type of system provides water directly to the roots rather than the land surface. At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we specialize in both irrigation systems.  We use top of the line products such as Hunter and Rain Bird.

Drain Systems:

Prevent damages to your property by installing a well-built drainage system. A drainage system can alleviate the pain of thousands of dollars in repairs. Without proper drainage, excess water can flood a yard, causing damage to surrounding structures. At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we make sure you get your bang for your buck by helping you take the extra precaution during a rainy day.