In recent years, having grass has been a debatable topic for homeowners in California.  Thus, why many have been switching to drought tolerant landscapes.  On the other hand, those who love their lawn, have been making every effort to keep it alive.  Although there are a few who successfully been maintaining their yard, there are still a those who haven’t.  Therefore, some homeowners rather Re-SOD than turn to a drought tolerant landscapes.  If you are the whom is seeking for a DIY project below are some helpful steps: 

1) Kill old lawn. Usually 2 cycles of watering and spraying three weeks apart will usually completely kill your old lawn and weeds

2) Remove dead lawn using a Sod cutter.

3) Rototill soil & install or repair sprinklers. 

4) Rake and fine grade. Rake to break up large clods and remove any remaining debris. Fine grade by scraping across the surface to smooth uneven areas.

5) Install Sprinkler System. Heads should be spaced to have full head to head overlap to avoid having dry patches and to promote even growth.

6) Finish Grade. After installing irrigation, finish grade to 1/2″ below walkways. SOD is uniformly machine cut and will conform to any irregularities.

7) Apply SOD.

8) Roll soil. Roll soil to settle and firm the surface. Fine grade again if necessary. 

SOD Installation 

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