In an effort to stay on top of innovation, Pacific Breeze Landscape attended the 2016 Irrigation Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Over 600 exhibitors attended and displayed the latest technology for irrigation systems.  Some of the most interesting products found at the exhibition were the self-sustainable water fountains and basins by AquaescapeInc.  This year we partnered up with Aquaescape to install their latest products and give our customers the opportunity to try out something new.

The Irrigation Association also hosted an education conference that focused on some of the best irrigation practices.  Some of the training included proper irrigation installation and water management procedures. Since Pacific Breeze Landscape primarily works with residential and commercial properties, having an efficient irrigation system saves time and money.  Therefore, we continuously conduct training to enhance our practices as your service provider.

Furthermore, the Irrigation Association held a drought tolerant summit that touched based on the current drought conditions within the state of California.  Our current drought has hit a peak in the California’ heat record.  Increased temperatures in the climate systems has many consequences.  The last four years have set a record for the driest water conditions. These conditions affect water supplies for human uses and an all-time high risk for wildfires, especially in Southern California.  Hence, why the state is now offering up to $2000.00 rebate to remove and replace turfs at your place of residence.

Pacific Breeze Landscape intends to using the latest technology and enhance its irrigation practices.

Irrigation Show 2016

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