Unlike the TV Series Game of Thrones, Winter is literally around the corner.  In certain regions of the US, the climate change, especially winter, could be very rigorous on your garden and lawn.  In the state of California, we have the privilege to enjoy weather where the climate transition is not too rough.  Nevertheless, there are some lawn care measures to consider now that winter is right around the corner.

The first step into prepping for winter is to comply with your local city water restrictions.  During winter, landscapes require less water.  Therefore, to conserve water, some cities have limited watering to one or two days per week.  Most cities have shifted to this schedule as of November 1st.  For example, the city of Buena Park only allows home owners to water one day out of the week; this day is split between Monday or Thursday, depending on your street number.  The city of Huntington Beach allows up to two days of watering; Monday and Friday.  For further information about your city watering schedule, simply go online and review the schedule.

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Check your local water restrictions

Once you’ve complied with your watering schedule, it is time to act on your lawn and garden.  It is recommended to winterize your lawn early winter.  Most lawns are required to be fertilized during the cool season.  This is also the time to reduce the height of your lawn so that it is ready to sprout as spring comes along.  Moreover, keep in mind, winter is the dormant season for plants, so because of the low temperature, the chemical activity slows down, therefore, slowing down the plants metabolism.  In California, depending on the plant or flower species, this is a good season to plant.

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Plant the right species

Finally, remember to keep up with regular maintenance.  Adhere to a professional to help maintain your garden during this season.  And remember, as John Snow once said…

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“Winter is Coming!”

Winter is Coming!

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