How succulents can help during the drought

According to the USGS, California has been in a drought over the last five years.  We all have seen the impacts of the drought, dryer landscapes and the decline of our streams and rivers.  As drought persists, longer-term impacts can emerge, such seawater intrusion and damages to our ecosystems.

Currently, the state has implemented water restrictions on business as well as home owners.  The state has prohibited irrigating within 48 hours of rain to certain districts.  Water restrictions can cause damages to vegetation and landscape.

As a community, there are several things that we can do to support the drought concerns.  For one, we can turn to plants that are more drought tolerant, such as, succulents.  Succulents offer easy care and they are very low maintenance.  Because succulents are not required to be watered consistently, they are cost effective.  Also, they offer an array of colors which can complement any garden.   

At Pacific Breeze Landscape, we want to serve our community and be able to help our environment by promoting a more drought tolerant garden. 


succulent garden

Succulent Garden


Colorful Succulents

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